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Location: Chongqing, China
Size: +/-2.5 hectare
Client: Sunac
Completion Date: 2019


Architecture: Dachuan architectural design

The project is located within subtropical zone in Banna Yunnan. The site was an outdated tourism center within industrial area. An abandoned swimming pool and old playground no longer function to serve surrounding community. Thanks to the tropical weather, lush planting and existing trees are identified to remain on site.


A formal-round shape entry courtyard draws the local topography with water features, and living green wall to welcome visitors. Peacock plaza servers as activity/event use. A leisure resting deck is extended from indoor to outdoor with shades. Common lawn area serves for bigger event and activities. A new play garden inspired by local landscape features a terraced water feature and a slide “dune“. Finally, a palm/water garden promotes social interaction and daily outdoor resting garden.     


Design form is inspired by local tribe “Dai-character” with round, smooth form which represents tribe’s optimistic, friendly and hospitable personality. White color material is common seen in local area with purifying meaning which is used on site to balance out green lush plating. All major  trees are preserved with new lush ground planting to enhance tropical garden feeling. The project will serve as new community center to surrounding neighborhood.  



新的设计包含几个部分,圆形的入口结合当地的原始地貌肌理、水景、绿墙、雾喷, 创造一个凉爽的迎宾空间;孔雀广场作为入口处活动表演的场地;休憩的木平台搭配林荫连接了室内外的空间,提供了交谈休憩的可能;椰林草坪剧场,可以举办大大小小不同的活动;新的儿童游戏花园,藉着一系列流动的水景让孩子充分在水中娱乐互动;最后的椰林水景花园则是创造一个鼓励社交的花园空间。



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