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Location: Chongqing, China
Size: +/-8 hectare
Client: Sunac
Completion Date: 2019

Chongqing One Sino Park is inspired by the world's art history. The artistic aesthetic characteristics of different periods are expressed through the landscape through contemporary expression. Unique aesthetics style unifies every space of the site.

The large stone gate structure defines the entrance experience, revealing the temperament of a top luxury residence in a low-key and steady manner; after entering the lobby, the first internal landscape space, a symmetrical lily waterscape corridor, leads the sight to the resting pavilion at the end extending upwards to the building facade. The pool area is integrated with the service facilities of the overhead floor, and multiple different pool areas meet the needs of different age groups. The adjacent canopied lounge garden provides a place to relax and socialize. The art garden on the second side of the building king, with different geometric forms, each interprets the ultimate beauty of the space. The children's play area combined with unpowered water features, derived from the concept of the natural playground, allows children to experience the changes of nature in the natural environment. Play games and interact with the waterscape through your own creation. The pop garden on the south side, an entertainment space used as a family unit, combines a barbecue table, a mini golf garden, and a rest gallery to become a community gathering vitality space.




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