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Location: Wuhan, China
Size: +/-6 hectare
Client: Sunac
Completion Date: In progress


Work at AECOM as design director 

Wuhan Sunac metropolis is the first world-class mixed-use project developed in Wuhan, positioned as an international arts and cultural center to provide a high-quality modern life style.


The area is first developed is the K2 residential parcel. An east-west commercial street divides the site into south and north residential areas. The north-south axis extending from the entrance lobby further divides the area into four gardens. Each garden has its own character defined by its programs, planting palette and form. Different scales gardens convey different sense of place to provide a unique experience.


One of the important concepts is to relieve the stress in city life through experience the landscape. We hope that in the garden people can enjoy a resort-like relaxation. In order to reach the goal the design vocabulary is minimized from design form to material palette. The circulation system encourages people explore the garden.


A transition idea is applied to central retail street. Through design elements like tree density, lane division, drop-off placement and art sculptures, you can experience busy to tranquil from street entrance to center lobby arrival court. There are sunken gardens and roof garden in the project. Small art/water features and bamboo planting is designed to trigger meditation and provide views from interior.  





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