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Location: Chengdu, China
Size: +/-7.7 hectare
Client: CR Land
Completion Date: In progress


Work at AECOM as design director 

Phase II of MixC is planned to be in three parcels. Some of the podium buildings are planned as shopping malls and commercial blocks. The towers are super five-star hotels, high-end residential buildings and offices use. Four building blocks in the MixC are connected by pedestrian bridges, and the entire MixC forms a ring-shaped urban complex. After the completion of the second phase, MixC will be a super-complex integrating high-end retail, office, hotel and residential project. It will surpass Chengdu's existing businesses in terms of architectural design, input volume, urban functions, and grade quality center.

The landscape design concept defines the core of the four small plazas for the landmark center core to meet a variety of everyday activities and special events. The four plazas are linked together by a ring-shaped LED promenade and lead the flow of pedestrian with retail interactions. With high-resolution projection system of the event square, dry fountain to meet the daily use and for viewing, small-scale shady space for the shopping crowd to provide a social resting place, the flower pot enclosed Wai area combined with the use of food, sink Garden combined with interactive art installations to enhance vertical space experience. The three rooftop gardens are individually positioned to match the building and business practices. The second floor of the hotel features a rooftop garden with daily outdoor bar, wedding and business functions, and the rooftop garden at Building Three with family children to explore the theme. Popular science education and entertainment functions, Building No. 4 to the theme of fashion sports, the daily football field both fashion catwalk theme.





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