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Location: Jiande, China
Size: +/-300 hectare
Client: Jiande City
Completion Date: 2019

Jiande Aviation Town is located in Zhejiang Jiande Economic Development Zone. It will be developed into a general aviation industry and a leisure/vacation eco-tourism town, connecting the surrounding natural landscape resources to create an aviation tourism center. Current master plan consists of three parts, aviation industry park, ecological farmland and aviation tourism town. The landscape planning focuses on how to integrate the current villages, farmland waters, forest plants, abandoned industrial sites and railways, with new industries, tourism, smart town planning, and aviation museums to create a new aviation cultural tourism area.

The landscape master plan includes three steps. The first step is to sort out the overall traffic network, use the car dealership and pedestrian network to promote development convenience, and combine the ecological parking lot to collect surface runoff; the second step is the tourism supporting planning, from the transformation Present communities, establish new community centers, create smart towns, and introduce cultural tourism. Hotels and supporting commercial facilities, cultural tourism museums, aviation museums, forest exploration activities, etc. form a complete and diverse tourism landmark. The third is the introduction of new industrial office parks and the introduction of new industries in line with policies to drive regional development. The new Jiande Aviation Smart Town will become a benchmark for a new community transformation strategy based on the aviation industry.




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