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YIHE Design is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California and Wuhan China. It was founded in 2019 by Chungpo Fang, a registered landscape architect in the United States, along with co-owner Song Guan.

The firm’s 45 employees have backgrounds in landscape design, architecture, art, engineering, and ecology. YIHE Design offers extensive experience in designing high-use landscapes in complex urban contexts.


YIHE Design is committed to creating public spaces by combining science and art, retaining the natural environment, promoting social harmony, and driving economic vitality through landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. We seek to conceive, design, and build fine environments with our clients to achieve sustainable development.

We believe that the inspiration for a design comes from the project itself and that a design concept can be inspired by many factors—sometimes it’s from the client’s corporate culture, sometimes it’s from the aesthetics of the surrounding urban fabric, sometimes it’s from an urgent need to solve the ecological problems of the environment, and sometimes it’s from the historical memory of the site itself.

Sustainable thinking is the foundation of our designs. We identify, protect, and reuse the site resources to enhance the design, and we bring down the energy consumption and minimize environmental damage. When projects have highly complex issues, we bring in our best-in-the-field professionals in areas such as water and environment engineers, logo and visual guidance consultants, and artists to complete the project.

The scale of the site, the aesthetics of the space, the nature of the users, and the attributes that would make the place eco-friendly are the things we love to study. We are committed to seeking a balance—with a unified design language—to integrate all the needs of a project. We think communication with the client throughout the design process is the key to exploring the maximum potential of a site and finally finding the spirit of the site.

We have a unique standard in our designs of details: the good details must be easy to achieve and sustainable in construction in the meantime of being time-tested aesthetics. We therefore value the effective and efficient onsite cooperation and communication during the implementation stage. Our local team in China are fully involved in a project even during the execution phase to ensure the best results for any project.

Landscape is a medium to bridge people to the environment and its history, culture, roots, and even its associated resonance of memories. These can promote and increase the value of the site and its surrounding environment. We believe authenticity should be at the core of the design without unnecessary pilings and symbols.

Chungpo Fang is a registered landscape architect in the United States with the LEED certification; he is also a member of ASLA. He has extensive experience ranging from large-scale mixed-use projects, urban complexes, and office headquarters; to landscape master planning, resort designs, residential communities, and waterfront open spaces; to small-scale high-end villas, private homes, and roof gardens. Mr. Fang has worked as the design director with AECOM, one of the best infrastructure firms in the world, in their San Francisco office.

以和设计事务所,由美国注册景观建筑师(RLA)Chungpo Fang(方仲伯)于2019年创立。








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