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Location: Puyuan, China
Size: +/-2.4 hectare
Client: Greentown
Completion Date: In Progress

Yonglefang (Yufang Town Center) is located in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, and the project is within 1 hour of the core cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc. The project is located in the central location between the ancient town scenic area and the residential area of the garden, and is geographically located in the portal core area of the project, the internal business facilities are perfect, including retail business, hotels and supporting, park canteens, kindergartens, etc., for residents and tourists to use. Combined with the catering, shopping, entertainment and other facilities inside the commercial street on the south side of the site, a public service area is formed to provide perfect supporting demand for the scenic spots and residential areas of the ancient town.

Yonglefang Courtyard Town Center consists of five skeleton spaces: entrance and ground floor activity space, sinking activity space, waterfront open space, kindergarten fun space and rooftop garden space. Some columns of activities around the five sites followed the formation, each space depends on their own spatial character, the overall construction and unique, while in the same situation of the site set a more multi-functional overlay, to give the site more development value. We have carried out a variety of possible research on landscape dynamic lines and methods, comprehensive safety, cost, experience, ecology and other factors to make a humanized arrival line. From the entrance courtesy combination view wall to the sinking height difference entrance, from the exquisite ceremony of the drop-off square to the geometric modern welcome square, access to the core area leisure space, sinking square and roof garden space, through the 1.3 meters high difference between the landscape garden to reach the social, cruise ship interaction, riverside theater-based waterfront open space. A water system surrounds the southwest side of the plot, providing the project with a different urban environment than the northeast side, while providing a different scale experience and spatial experience for the space. Combined with traditional thinking, the new modern development model from the social, activities, links, image and intelligent five functional angles of space design

永乐坊(濮院小镇中心)位于浙江省桐乡市,项目距离核心城市上海,杭州,苏州等均在 1 小时以内抵达。项目地处濮院古镇景区和濮园居住区之间的中心位置,地理位置上又处于进入濮园项目的门户核心地段,内部业态设施完善,含零售商业、旅馆及 配套、园区食堂、幼儿园等,供居民和游客使用。结合地块南侧商业街内部的餐饮、购物、娱乐等设施组成了为古镇景区及居住区提供完善配套需求的公共服务区。


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