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远洋 东方境|世界观


Location: Wuhan, China
Size: +/-10 hectare 
Client: Sino Ocean Land Limit
Completion Date: construction in progress

In a neighborhood with a rapidly growing residential population, Sino Ocean Residence offers a unique way to integrate the adjacent genuine history of Guiyuan temple with multi-functional gardens. By using various canopy structure, walkway, pavilion, the residence open spaces are defined by a way of traditional Chinese garden design philosophy. Landscape features a canopied courtyard, a elevated jogging loop, passive exercise garden, picnic lawn garden, water playground, nature boardwalk, and a leisure viewing ornamental garden.


Future residents will be encouraged to social interact with their neighbors through garden seats arrangement and mixed-age activities. Art sculptures will be reused from exiting sales house relocated in new locations. Series of rain gardens with permeable paving perform site stormwater management.  






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