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Location: Chongqing, China
Size: +/-18 hectare
Client: Sunac
Completion Date: in progress


Architecture: UDG architectural design

Tazi Lake Residence is a planned +/-18ha mixed use of commercial, retail, office and residence community. Designed as a “innovation hub” to promote social interaction, sustainability, and work creativity. An idea of “mixed-use” for different age users to be able to use the space together encourage people to interact with each other and interact with nature.


A community living room features a “mist ring” to define space also cool down the environment during summer time. Rain garden boardwalk promotes stormwater management and outdoor exercise. Series of play water features encourage children to explore the manual pump mechanism. A picnic lawn is adjacent to provide families gathering. Mini golf garden is mixed with outdoor kitchen. At night, the golfing garden is turning into outdoor movie theater. Apartment and retail area contains many courtyards and roof garden, each functions differently to satisfy daily and event use for residents. Featured pavilions provide social anchor point and viewing garden. Once built, Tazi Lake Residence will be the new “hub” for Wuhan Tazi Lake district.



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